How it works 

Custom Design 

Every face is unique, which is why I create bespoke brow designs specific to each client. Using the Golden Ratio, your brows will be natural-looking and perfectly proportioned. Once we have the design, I’ll determine your skin’s tones and colour-match accordingly to best suit you.

The PMU processes

Spooked by the words ‘cosmetic tattoo’? Don’t worry, I was too! Unlike traditional tattoos that use ink, however, our semi-permanent procedure uses a pigment which is designed to softly fade over time. In PMU, the pigment is found just below the epidermis, whilst traditional tattoos are found deeper in the subcutaneous tissue.




Three methods to suit you

Eyebrows frame the face and provide structure to your features.  However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to cosmetic tattoos. I utilise the three methods below to find the right look for your face.

Feather Touch Brows
Includes full consultation, brow design and colour match.


Using a microblade hand tool, I will mimic the fine strokes and pattern of real brow hairs. This method is best for those desiring a soft and fluffy looking brow, and is suited for normal to dry skin types. It’s worth noting that oilier skin will push the pigment out, so you will lose colour retention and stroke crispness will be less than desired.

Ombre Brows
Includes full consultation, brow design and colour match.



This process uses a PMU [Permanent Make-Up] machine to achieve soft pixels of pigment. Unlike the longer strokes of microblading, Ombre Brows will fill in the space, and look similar to a tinted brow.  This method is well suited but not limited to a thinner skin and an oilier skin type.

Combination Brows
Includes full consultation, brow design and colour match.


This method will combine microblading and PMU, and is best if your skin is too oily for microblading alone. The added shading will give the brows more body, while the hair-strokes will keep your brows looking natural. Combo brows might be an attractive alternative for those wanting a super structured and polished look. This method is suitable for normal to moderately oily skin.

Additional Touch-Ups

6 – 8 weeks



7-12 month



13-18 months



19-24 months


New Brow Pricing Will Apply After 24 months 

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