Brow Care

Before Care

Avoid Retinoids, Glycolic Acid, AHA’s, Vitamin C and other medicated Pigmentation treatments on the area 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after treatment. Treatments such as laser/chemical peels, threading, waxing, botox/fillers should take place 2 weeks prior or 2 weeks after treatment.


If you arrive with sun burn, you’ll forfeit the $99 deposit and you will need to reschedule. Avoid alcohol/caffeine and pain killers 24 hours pre and post treatment, avoid fish oil tablets 7 days pre-treatment).


Eat a light meal before your appointment and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Allow your brows to grow as much as possible so we can shape and style them for you.


Purchase your topical anaesthetic and apply it 40 minutes before your appointment. Topical Anaesthetic can be bought from any chemist (please bring this with you). It is important to apply your numbing cream 40 minutes before your appointment (failure to do so will result in you forfeiting your $99 deposit as your appointment will need to be rescheduled for another time.

What To Expect

All information provided is a guide only. Failure to follow aftercare may result in loss of pigmentation, discolouration or infection

Day 1

I love my new brows!

Day 2 – 4

Oh no, they’re very dark.
What have I done?

Day 5 – 9

They’re itching and flaking, ewww!

Day 10+

Where’d they go?
They’ve faded so much.

4+ weeks

Hello, they’re back! They’re a little patchy though.

After Re-touch Session

I look like a goddess!

After Care

From day 4 you can apply a very thin layer of Bepanthen first aid cream twice a day (less is more). Do not pick or scratch your brows.


Your brows may change in shape and colour as they heal. This can be addressed at your touch-up and changes can be made.


If you have combination or oily skin (or are just have a little bit of oil during healing) get some product free/powder free oil blotting paper and gently dab the treated area (never wipe or rub) Use around 3-5 times a day or as needed.


Everyone heals differently, your aftercare may be customised to suit your skin. A minimum of two sessions is needed 6-11 weeks after your initial appointment to complete the two-part procedure.

What Not To Do

DO NOT wet your brows in any way for 10 days. DO NOT pick, scratch at the skin. This may cause loss of pigment. When your skin develops a new fresh layer, your brows may appear lighter, this is called ghosting and is the new skin forming. The strokes will return, anything that is absorbed by the body can be touched-up at your follow up appointment. NO Sun exposure, swimming pools, spas, saunas or other bodies of water for two weeks. PLEASE AVOID exercising causing heavy sweating and hot yoga as this can cause the hair strokes to blur.